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Jai Shree Mataji
With the divine grace and blessings of Her Holiness SHREE MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI, we are delighted to invite and welcome you to the International Sahaja Yoga Seminar and Christmas Puja 2018, at Nirmal Nagari, Ganapatipule, Maharashtra, India from December 23 to December 26, 2018. Christmas Puja would be organized on December 25 and Sahaja marriages would be solemnized on December 26. The detailed information of the Seminar programme is given in the attached Circular. 
As we all know, Ganapatipule is the place of Shree Mahaganesha. It is also the place which was specially selected by our Holy Mother, who has immortalized it by celebrating Christmas there with thousands of us for nearly two decades. Nirmal Nagari, Ganapatipule, is a special location vibrated over the years with Mother’s Divinity and vibrations of the global collective. 
 We request the Sahaja Yoga Central Committee – India, Sahaja Yoga World Foundation / Central Committee, Country Coordinators, Indian State/ City/Centre Coordinators and Sister Organisations to circulate the attached circular to all, within India and abroad.  
 With Warm Regards, 
Trustees of The Life Eternal Trust, Mumbai 

Sahaja Marriages were established by Shri Mataji in the early days of Sahaja Yoga and are a sacred ceremony based on Divine principles, which elicit spiritual and material blessings. In Sahaja Yoga, couples have the unique opportunity to be blessed by the attention of our Divine Mother, Adi Shakti and Guru for this process. Sahaja marriages facilitate individuals’ spiritual growth and the growth of the world Sahaja collective, and have a rippling effect through families, communities and between countries.

Shri Mataji generously blessed Her children through this institution, granting them the opportunity to have a happy family life and allowing born realised souls to come on this Earth.

Sahaja marriages would be solemnized on December 26, 2018 at Nirmal Nagari, Ganapatipule.

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(In Hindi)
सहज-विवाह सिद्धांत एवं शिष्टाचार के लिए यहाँ पर क्लिक करे|
सहज-विवाह आवेदन पत्र के लिए यहाँ पर क्लिक करे|