Jai Shree Mataji

With the blessings of our Divine Mother, we are celebrating the International Day of Yoga, world-wide on 21st June 2022. Sahaja Yoga community from around the world have come together and prepared a dedicated website for this purpose. Website URL is https://www.idyglobal.org

Purpose of this website is to promote Sahaja Yoga public programmes during the month of June 2022, also to consolidate all the programmes happening across the globe.

Above website is set up to collectively show that Sahaja Yoga is one of the largest meditation practised in the world.
We kindly request Centre, City, State Co-ordinators and Sahaja Yoga collective to actively involve in the following activities.

1. Organize a public programme in a public place/school/colleges/corporate during the month.

2. Share the public programme venue details to below contact number.

3. Share the photographs & testimonials of the events to below contact number.

4. Propagate the website URL & info to as many seekers as possible to participate on online event scheduled on 21st June 2022 @ 5PM IST

Gaurav Bolar – +91 99204 02049
Rohan Kotian – +91 90040 35985

Email IDsahajayogamumbaiorg@gmail.com

The Life Eternal Trust, Mumbai