Dear Sahaji Brothers & Sisters.

 💐Jai Shree Mataji 💐

“Unless and until your Shree Ganesh is established, you cannot be connected to the whole. Nor can you have the enjoyment of your Spirit. You’ll be a half-baked personality, which you should not be.”
Shree Ganesh Puja, Mumbai, India, 15 January 1984.

With the divine grace of Her Holiness Mataji Shree Nirmala Devi, we are delighted to invite you to live viewing of the SHREE GANESH PUJA, 2020.

Date: Sunday, 23 August, 2020
Time: 11:00 am IST onwards

YouTube Live Puja Link:

हिंदी संदेश के लिए इस लिंकपर दबाए।

मराठी संदेश साठी ह्या लिंकवर दाबा.

Protocols for Online Puja:
-Join us ON TIME.
-Sit with all protocols and surrendered heart, as if we are performing puja in front of Shree Mataji.
-Avoid other activities during the Puja.
-Puja offerings and Arti can be done during puja at your respective homes.

Kindly inform and forward to all

Warm regards,
The Life Eternal Trust, Mumbai